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September 02 2012

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Oregon wines

For some time our son lived in Anacortes, Washington. A summer recently, my family and i traveled up Interstate 5 over the west coast to visit him. The scenery along I-5 was like considering an accumulation of mail home postcards. Once we hit the Oregon State line, another common thread of notoriety was the multitude of wineries and vineyards we got as you go along. We decided to slow our trip and spend some time exploring and learning more about Oregon Wine Country.

We found that there are currently over 400 wineries and 875 vineyards inside the state. Planted acreage is finished 19,000 acres, which makes the average vineyard about 20 to 25 acres. Oregon wine growers are generally small, family-owned operations by people who have an in-depth fascination with as well as an enduring responsibility to look after the land. A number of these small producers make 5,000 cases of wine or less. The things they don't have any production they gain in quality by their attention to details. Oregon is currently ranked third within the U.S. regarding the amount of wineries. Oregon wine sales in 2008 were nearly 1.75 million cases and production today is approaching 2.0 million cases.

You can find six wine growing zones in Oregon scattered through the entire western lower Cascade Mountains. The zones are 1) Rogue Valley, 2) Umpqua Valley, 3) South Willamette Valley, 4) North Willamette Valley, 5) Columbia Valley and 6) Walla-Walla area. Zones 1 through 4 may be easily accessed using U.S. Interstate Highway 5. Zones 5 and 6 would be best accessed using U.S. Interstate Highway 84. Using Portland being a starting point head south on Interstate 5 towards the towns of Eugene, Roseburg and Medford to tour Zones 1 to 4. Use I-84 going east from Portland to tour Zones 5 and 6. Using the large number of wineries and vineyards, I recommend you contact one of the numerous Oregon Wine Tour businesses to set up the right trip to your wine taste and interests.

Most of the Oregon wine grapes, especially the cool-zone grown varieties, exhibit high levels of a potent antioxidant based on grape skins called resveratrol. Antioxidants happen to be known to have positive effects on one's health. Wine drinking moderately, based on recent surveys, exhibited health benefits of improved heart health insurance decreased incident of illness. About 65 percent from the grapes cultivated are with the red varieties, while 35 % are of the white.

The very best five wine varieties are cultivated on about 85 % of the total planted acreage of 19,300 acres. Pinot noir is the most cultivated variety on nearly 59 percent of the total planted acreage. Pinot gris is cultivated on about 14 % of the acreage; Chardonnay on about 5 percent; Reisling on about Four percent and Cabernet Sauvignon on about 3 percent. Other wine varieties you could often in counter include Syrah, Gewurztraminer, Viognier, Cabernet France, Zinfandel, Sauvignon blanc and Pinot blanc. With close to 70 different varieties regarded as cultivated, it really is reasonable to assume you will locate fairly easily anyone to match your taste.

If you are considering a tour of Oregon Wine Country, intend to will end up in October or November. During this time of the year, you'll be able undertake a collaboration of wine makers, cheese makers, brew masters, chefs, growers and producers. The annual celebration is known as Oregon Bounty, an original Oregon event. This unique event would likely provide you with some tips to creating the next wine tasting party a well liked together with your friends. Be sure you enjoy your wine for the greatest extent by storing it and serving it just the proper temperature.

Oregon wines
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